SGM College, Karad

- Commerce -

Name of Department - Commerce
Year of Establishment - 1962
Success Rate of students - 97.8 Dept. Result (UG)
(What is the pass percentage as compared to the University average? - 87.74 Uni. Result (UG)
Faculty who have Attended National and International Seminars (last five years) -    National        -  01                -    International -  01
Number of Books in the Departmental Library, if any - 710
Number of Journals/Periodicals - 15
Number of Computers - 1
Annual Budget - Rs. 2,52,000/-

Faculty Profile

Sr. No Name Of The Teacher Qualification Experience in Year Specialization
1 Mrs. M. B. Kamble M.Com., M. Phil 27 Adv. costing,
2 Shri. K. L. Sawant (CA) B.Com., C.A. 32 Adv. Accountancy
3 Adv. Bagwan S. S. M.A.,L.L.M.(SET) 02 Law
4 Mr. J. S. Kadam M.C.A. 02 IT
5 Mrs. A. H. Patil M.C.A. 02 IT
6 Mrs. M. B. Kamble M. Com. M. Phil 28 Adv. Costing
7 C.A. Mr. K. L. Sawant B. Com, F.C.A 33 Adv. Accountancy
8 Smt. R. H. Chavan M. Com. M. Phil. NET 14 Cost & Taxation, Adv Accountancy
9 Shri S. V. Yadav M. Com. B.Ed. NET, SET 10 Adv Cost & Taxation, Adv Accountancy
10 Mr. K. A. Kashid M. Com. M. Phil. SET, NET 10 Adv Accountancy
11 Mr. N. D. Bansode M. Com. MBA, M. Phil. SET 4 Corporate Accounting and Financial Managemet
12 Mr. S. G. Salate M. Com, B.Ed 1 Accounting and Financial Management
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