SGM College, Karad

- School of Arts -

B.A.Part - I
Sub . Code Subject Name
AA19-101 English coumpulsory
A19-102 Marathi
A19-103 Hindi
A19-104 Sanskrit
A19-105 Sci. Method
A19-106 STD
A19-107 English Opt.-I
A19-108 History Opt.-I
A19-109 Sociology Opt.-I
A19-110 Marathi Opt.-I
A19-111 Political Science -I
A19-112 Psychology Opt.-I
A19-113 Hindi Opt.-I
A19-114 Education Opt.-I
A19-115 Philosophy Opt.-I
A19-116 Sanskrit Opt.-I
A19-117 Economics Opt.-I
A19-118 Geography Opt.-I
B.A.Part - II
Sub . Code Subject Name
AA19-201 English coumpulsory
A19-202 Marathi
A19-203 Hindi
A19-204 Sanskrit
A19-205 Sci. Method
A19-206 STD
A19-207 English Opt.-II
A19-208 History Opt.-II
A19-209 Sociology Opt.-II
A19-210 Marathi Opt.-II
A19-211 Political Science -II
A19-212 Psychology Opt.-II
A19-213 Hindi Opt.-II
A19-214 Education Opt.-II
A19-215 Philosophy Opt.-I
A19-216 Sanskrit Opt.-II
A19-217 Economics Opt.-II
A19-218 Geography Opt.-II
B.A.Part - III
Sub . Code Subject Name Sub . Code Subject Name
A19-103 Hindi A19-102 Marathi
M . A .Part - I
Sub . Code Subject Name
MA19-111 Economics
MA19-112 English
M19-113 Geography
M19-114 Hindi
M19-115 History
M19-116 Marathi
M19-117 Political Science
M19-118 Psychology
M19-119 Sociology
M . A .Part - II
Sub . Code Subject Name
MA19-201 Economics
MA19-202 English
M19-203 Geography
M19-204 Hindi
M19-205 History
M19-206 Marathi
M19-207 Political Science
M19-208 Psychology
M19-209 Sociology
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