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Now days, challenges of global warming, food security, nutritional security, sustainable development, degradation of natural resources and low profitability to small and marginal farmers demand attention towards global economy. Therefore, the research vision of University has been targeted towards:


To contribute to the improvement of livelihoods of the rural and urban communities in Maharashtra by enhancing food and nutritional security and improving livelihoods through research to achieve sustainable increases in agricultural productivity and income, while ensuring the efficient and judicious use of natural resources, exploit National and Export markets, establish effective linkage with Banks and commercial establishment


  • To establish the Department as the nation's foremost facility for plant sciences.

Information of Department

Department History
Year of Establishment Programmes
UG: 2021 B.Voc. Agriculture 3 years degree course, Semester pattern
PG: Nil
M. Phil /Ph.D. Nil
Faculty Profile

Mr.Pingale Sagar Narayan
HOD & Assistant Professor

  • Qualification:   M. Sc (Agriculture)
  • Experience :    UG: 05 years


Mr.Bagal Ranjit Uttam .
Assistant Professor

  • Qualification: Agriculture
  • Experience :    UG-Nil PG-Nil


Miss.Kuwar Rupali Panaji
Assistant Professor

  • Qualification: Agriculture (Soil Science )
  • Experience :    UG: Nil


B. Voc. Agriculture Program Specific Outcomes
Sr.No. After studying the course the student will be able to
1 To acquire knowledge on the importance of Business Communication.
2 To acquire knowledge on importance of agriculture and various types of farming.
3 To acquaint with importance, division and classification of horticultural crops and to understand the basic principles and types of plant propagation.
4 To familiarize with fundamentals of water management and to acquaint with various soil conservation methods.
5 To understand the fundamentals of Plant breeding, Basics of Seed technology and cultivation aspects of Plantation crops, spices and fruit crops.
6 To build theoretical foundation in plant tissue culture and biotechnology and to develop knowledge on the theoretical basis of integrated pest management and also to familiarize with protected cultivation structures and cultivation practices.
7 To understand the general characters of weeds and their management and to acquaint with cultivation of rice, fibre crops, fodder crops, etc.
8 To acquire the fundamentals of live stock farming and to understand various aspects of environmental microbiology and biotechnology, to describe various aspects of food and dairy microbiology.
9 To understand various principles and practices of commercial vegetable production and also to have a look on various commercial enterprises in agricultural sector through observation, field visits and presentation and also to familiarize with the concept of sustainability and sustainable development along with organic farming.
10 Knowledge of weather codes and symbols, Reading and Recording of weather and climatic data. To get trained for climatologically records, soil data and soil nutritation.
11 To develop practical skill in propagation and cultivation aspects of horticultural crops, Plantation crops, spices and fruit crops.
12 To develop skill in various aspects of seed production and to do the micropropagation of plants.
13 To practice with protected cultivation practices of important crops and also the familiarization with cultural methods of pest control.
14 To familiarize with the general characters of weeds and their management, cultivation of rice, fibre crops, fodder crops, familiarization with cultural methods of pest control, familiarize with practices in livestock farming, acquaint with the management of important farm animals and birds
15 To develop awareness on bee keeping, sericulture and lac culture through observation, field visit and reporting and to develop skill in cultivation of edible mushrooms and to develop skill in dry flower production and bouquet making and also with the production and utilization of biofertilizers and biocontrol agents.
16 This Programme will also help student to enhance their employment for job in different sectors.

Academic Calendar 2023-24
Sr.No Month Dates Activity
1 June


15th – 30th

Opening of the college, Departmental meeting, Preparation of proposed plan for the academic year 2023 – 2024 as per NEP, Admission process. 5 th June World Environment Day

2 July

01st  – 15th

1st July Maharashtra Krushi Din Celebration

Allotment of work to teaching and non-teaching staff, semester planning of teaching by faculty, preparation of time table for theory and Practical’s. Screening test for identification of slow and advanced learners
16th – 31st

Commencement of Practicals
3 August

01st  – 15th

11th August – Organization of Guest Lectures, 15th August ‘Independence Day Celebration’, Home assignment/Unit Tests,

16th – 31st

Organization of wall paper activity
4 September

01st  – 15th

5th September celebration of Teachers Day, Organization of quiz competition. 2 nd  September World Coconut Day
16th – 30th

Field visits, Home Assignments/Unit tests for students, Celebration of Karmaveer Jayanti (22nd – 27th September)
5 October

01st  – 15th

Staff meeting for syllabus completion, Internal tests of B.Voc. Agri I, II and III students, Poster presentation activity of the students for Department
16th – 30th

Preparation of University Exams, UG semester Theory exam/ practical exams (Autonomous) as per NEP, Display of Practical Exam Schedule, Paper setting. 16 th World Food Day
6 November

01st  – 12th

Practical Exam of B.Voc.Agri I, II and III students
  13th November to 30th November Diwali vacation
7 December

01st  – 15th

Re-opening of college, Theory Exams and assessment for B.Voc. Agri I, II and III. Semester planning of teaching by faculty, changes in time table for theory and practicals, commencement of practicals for semester II,IV and VI. 5th December World Soil Day. 12th December  Organization of  Shetkari Melava
16th – 31st

Workshop on ‘Bonsai Technique’. 23 rd Farmers Day
8 January

01st  – 15th

Local study tour for students, Industrial visits, Guest lecture activity
16th – 31st

Exhibition Of Native Crop Seed and Alumni meet
9 February

01st  – 15th

Staff meeting for syllabus completion, Home Assignment/Internal Tests and seminars of the students
16th – 28th

Science Day Celebration, Farewell function for B.Voc. Agri III students
10 March

01st  – 15th

Re-exam, CCE , Completion of syllabi and academic work, Conduction of University Practical Examination, Feedback forms from B.Voc. Agri III students

16th – 31st

Display of Practical Exam schedule for B.Voc. Agri I, II and III

11 April

01st  – 15th

Conduction of theory and practical examination for B.Voc. Agri I, II and III
16th – 30th

Conduction of theory and practical examination for UG students, term end departmental staff meeting
12 May


Paper assessment
16th – 31st

Display of results of B.Voc. Agri I, II and III (Autonomous). 22th May World Biodiversity Day

Departmental Research

Research Project

Sr. No Name of activity Activity Mode Date Beneficiary number Details
1 One Day National Conference On Advances in Agriculture and Technologies for Future National Conference Offline 12thDecember 2022 350  

 Extension activities (MOU, Study Tour, Exhibition etc.)

Sr. No Activity Description Report
1. Guest lecture Sugarcane Fertilizer Management Mr. Swapnil Ghorpade, Area Manager, Yara Fertilizers India Pvt. Ltd.  
2. Hands on training Organized hands on training on Biofertilizer and tissue culture technique at Seema Biotech, Talsande under MOU  
3 International millet year Quiz Compatation  
5 Field visit Field study is an essential part of Agriculture as plants are best studied in their natural habitat. Onsite Identification of plants, Study of ecosystem, plant and environment relationship, medicinal and other uses of plants.  
6 Study tour B. Voc. I  
7 Study tour B. Voc. II  
8 Study tour B. Voc. III  

Facilities Available

Sr. No Name of the facility Model Year of purchase
1 Insect storing Box Pilot 2021
2 Student Microscope Micron optik 2021
3 Binocular Microscope Bino Mini 2021
4 Hand Rafractometer Erma Japan 2021
5 Digital Brix Meter MA 871 2021
6 Digital Anemometer AM 4201 2021
7 Soil Thermometer Pilot 2021
8 Rain Gauze Pilot 2021
9 pH meter LT – 10 2021
10 Orbital shaker Flasks 2021
11 Lux meter Pilot 2021
12 TDS & EC meter Hanna 2021
13 Multi parameter Hanna 2021
14 pH Meter pocket Hanna 2021
Department Contact Details
# Name of the facility # Number
Prof. ---- ---
Dept. Mail Id - [email protected]
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