SGM College Patan

Quality education to all, especially the rural, semi-rural, and socio-economically deprived students to make them self-reliant.

  1. To impart quality education to the young generation of India keeping pace with regional, national and international educational
    scenario in order to make it locally and globally competent.

  2. To provide education to all the classes of society, especially to the downtrodden, economically and socially backward sections of
    society to make them self-confident and self-reliant.

  3. To impart value-based education, embodying socio-cultural, scientific, commercial and physical training in order to achieve all-round
    development of the students’ personality.

  4. To sharpen students’ sensibilities with enlightened secular, democratic and humane values for encouraging their participation in corporate life.

  5. To promote among the students a sense of equality, national integration, social justice and to act as a catalyst in socio-economic transformation
    for national development.

  6. To impart need-based, time relevant and innovative programmes promoting the use of latest technology.