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To Create awareness of Marathi language


To develop creativity and skill of language among the student.


To enhance Marathi language proficiency
To create career Opportunity for the Students
To develop overall personality of student.

Information of Department

Department History
Year of Establishment Programmes
UG : 1954 B.A
UG : 1975 M.A
Faculty Profile

Dr.Pol Ramesh Pandurang
HOD & Assistant Professor

  • Qualification:  M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D
  • Experience :     UG: 31 years


Dr.Naik Babasaheb Pirgounda
Assistant Professor

  • Qualification:  M.A.M.Phil,Ph.D
  • Experience :    U.G.-26 Years P.G.-5 Years


Dr.Nikam Prajakta Pralahadrao .
Assistant Professor

  • Qualification:  M.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,NET,SET.
  • Experience :    UG: 10 years


Dr.kundap Komal Kanhaiya
Assistant Professor

  • Qualification:  M.A. Ph.D
  • Experience :    UG: 07 years


Dr.Aundhkar Suchita Shubhash
Assistant Professor

  • Qualification:  M.A. M.Phil,SET,NET Ph.D.,
  • Experience :    UG:3 Years


Program Specific Outcome
B.A. Marathi
Sr.No. After Studying The Course The Student Will Be Able
1 To understand Marathi literature.
2 To understand the creative process and nature of literature.
3 To get interest in reading Marathi literature.
4 To develop communication skills in formal and informal Marathi.
5 To understand importance of language and propagate the language.
6 To get motivated to create literature through the understanding of various forms of literature.
7 To motivate them to be an alert citizens through the Marathi literature.
M.A. Marathi
Sr.No. After Studying The Course The Student Will Be Able
1 To get motivated to create literature through the understanding of various forms of literature.
2 To motivate them to be an alert citizens through the Marathi literature.
3 Become aware of outdated folk arts.
4 Developing various language skills.
5 Getting motivation for creative writing.
Certificate Course
Sr. No. Class Duration Course Name
Academic Calendar 2023-24
Sr.No. Activity Date / Month Period of Activity
1 Divisional First Meeting Division of work, division of syllabus, making time table August 04/8/2023
2  Vadmay  Mandal Inauguration Program August 24/8/2023
3  Internal evaluation function October 1/10/2023 to 15/10/2023
4 Reading Inspiration Day October 15/10/2023
5 Departmental Second Meeting on Syllabus Completion October 17/10/2023
6 Leading workshop planning meeting December 04/12/2023
7 Press Day Ceremony January 06/01/2024
8 Led College Activity   January 10/01/2024
9 Marathi language conservation fortnight activity January 16/01/2024 to 30/01/2024
10 Mother Language Day Program February 21/02/2024
11 Marathi Language Day Ceremony February 27/02/2024
12 Divisional Third Meeting March 17/03/2024
13 NET-SET Guidance Class March 1/03/2024 to 15/03/2024
14 Internal evaluation function April 1/04/2024 to 15/04/2024
15 Divisional Fourth Meeting April 06/04/2024
Research Projects
Sr.No Name of Faculty Title of the Project Funding Agency Year Major / Minor Amount (Rs.) Status
1. Prof.Dr.Babasheb Naik शाहीर विठ्ठल उमप यांचा एक चिकित्सक अभ्यास RUSA 2022 Minor 80,000/- Completed
2 Dr.Prajakta Yadhav मराठीतील स्त्री लिखित (निवडक) प्रवासवर्णनातील सामाजिक सांस्कृतिक जीवन चित्रणांचा अभ्यास RUSA 2022 Minor 50, 000/ - Completed

Papers published in Peer Reviewed Journals

Sr. No Name of Faculty Title of Research Paper Journal
1   Dr.Pol R.P. Parv :anuvadacha ek uttam namuna Shivim sanshodhan patrika
2 Dr.Naik B.P Anuvadache mahatv v upyog Shivim sanshodhan patrika
3 Dr.Nikam P.P. Pravasvarnan ya vadmayprakarache swarup Desh aani videshatil vividh kshetratil purush kartrutvache yogdan
Anuvad sanklpana v swarup Marathi Pradhyapak sanshodhan patrika
Samajsudharak v shikshan prasarak –karmvir bhaurav patil Shivim sanshodhan patrika
Swami vivekanand yanche samajik kshetratil yogdan B.Aadhar multidisciplinary international reseach journal

Seminars / Conferences / Workshops / Seminars Organized by Department

Sr.No Name of activity Activity Mode Date Beneficiary number Details
1. State Level Workshop ‘ Rajyastariy ekdivasiy patrakar karyashala’     ‘Prasarmadhyamanche badalate swarup v aavhaane’     Workshop State 29 August 2022 141 This workshop organized in three session .Mr.Rajendra Mandavkar,janaral manejar operation,daily pudhari,Kolhapur he delivered lecture on vruttapatrache rajakaran.He was first speaker on the session, and about second session mr.vijay chormare is the senior reporter in Mumvbai he is also delivered lecture on prasarmadhmanchi jababdari on this workshop.and third one is mr;.lashish Jadhav,Editor of Lokmat digital news he is also delivered lecture on T.V. midia samoril digital midiache tagade aavhaan.for this ceremony .  

Facilities Available

Sr.No Name of the facility Model Year of purchase
1. Departmental Library - 2016
Department Contact Details
# Name of the facility # Number
Prof. Dr.Ramesh Pol 9850856330
Prof.Dr.Babasheb Naik 9850872052
Dr.Prajakta Nikam 9158130542
Dr.Komal kundap 7798772555
Dr.Suchita Aundhkar 9823330822
Prof .Vinayak Sirdesai 7350526950
Dept. Mail Id - [email protected]
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