SGM College, Karad

Department of Psychology

Year of Establishment Programmes
1954 B.A (3 Year Integrated Degree Course, Semester Pattern)

- Faculty Profile -

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Dr. Shinde Arun Chandu
Associate Professor on Psychology
Qualification:  M.A.,Ph.D.,SET.
Experience :  UG:-28 Year,PG:-10 Year
Mobile No :  9860524649
Email ID : acshinde

Mr. Waghmare Parakash Bapurao
Assistant Professor in Psychology
Specialization Councelling Psychology
Qualification:  M.A,
Experience :  UG: 01 Years, PG:01 Years
Mobile No :  9665330988
Email ID

Mis. Chavan Mansi Milan
Assistant Professor in Psychology
Specialization: Counselling Psychology
Qualification:  M.A, B.Ed. M.ed
Experience :  UG: 01 Years; PG: 01 Years
Mobile No :  7588262335


B.A. Psychology Program Specific Outcome

Sr. No. After studying the course the student will be able to
1 The students should understand the Background of Psychology
2 To understand all psychological basic concepts
3 Understand the beginnings and growth of personality and learning theories.
4 Understand the human development process in child and adolescence period
5 Understand the salient features of prominent socio-religious reform movements
6 To make students familiar with the field of introduction psychology and acquaint basic research concepts.
7 To acquaint the students with Cognitive Processes, perception and learning with psychological investigation and research design commonly used research design
8 To acquaint the students with Memory processes with emotion, Motivation and Personality.
9 To acquaint the research methodology in Psychology and APA style of preparing Research proposal
10 To acquaint the students with the nature and significance of the emergence of health psychology with in a life span perspective.
11 To highlight importance of social and psychological processes in the experience of health and illness.
12 To focus on the behavioral risk factors viz- vis disease prevention health.

M.A. Psychology- Program Specific Outcome:-

Sr. No. After studying the course the student will be able to
1 The student aware about the personality of an individual can be assessed and diagnosed from different points of view
2 The understand some of the classical theories of personality use the personally problem solving
3 To enable the student better the person around them while interacting with them.
4 Introduce growing fields of positive psychology to students with the nature and significance of the emergence area of positive psychology to students with in a life space perspective.
5 To highlight importance of positive emotions, resilience, self-efficacy optimism and hope processes in the experience of health and well-being
6 Various skills of conducting experiments and writing their reports statistics in psychological research.
7 To develop computational skill among students and enable students to analyze the data of their practical and project work.
8 The different types of psychological tests administration of psychological tests and interpretation of scores.
9 Certain skill of psychological counselling on the basis of test results.
10 Understand the concept of counselling Psychology.


  1. B.A I (Sem I & II )Psychology
  2. B.A II (Sem III & IV)Psychology
  3. B.A III (Sem V & VI) Psychology
  4. M.A I (Sem I & II)Psychology
  5. M.A II (Sem III & IV) Psychology


  1. Certificate Course in Counselling
  2. Diploma Course in Counselling
  3. Advance Course in Counselling

Academic Calendar- 2020-21

Sr.No Month Activity
1. June: 2020 Admission Process
Academic Planning
2. July 2020 Welcome Function (BA III)
Students Activity: Group Discussion
3. Aug. 2020 Students Activity: Seminar
Syllabus Workshop
Problem Solving:
1.Symbolic logic practice
2.Social Problem and Discussion
Workshop for lead college
Unit Test I
4. Sept: 2020 Student Activity: Department level paper Presentation
Visit For Mental School(Psy.B.A.M.A.)
Group Disscusison
5. Oct: 2020 Unit Test I
Social & Personal Problem
6. Dec. 2020 Introduction of Second Term
7. Jan. 2021 Workshop for lead college
8. Feb. 2021 Oral Test
Guest Lecture (RusaSponser)
Parent Meet, Majividhyathrimelava
9. March. 2021 Preparation of Exam
ShubhechasssShubharambh BA III
Syllabus Completion
10. April 2021 University Exam Work