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- Department of History -

Year of Establishment Programmes

B.A (3 Year Integrated Degree Course, Semester Pattern)
M.A (2 Year Post Graduation Course CBCS Pattern)

Certificate course in Tourism and Travel Management
Certificate course in Photography

- Faculty Profile -

Sr.No. Photo Details Resume

Mr. Netaji Rajaram Suryawanshi
Associate Professor & Head in History
Qualification:  M.A. (Medieval Indian History)
Experience : UG: 32 years, PG: 26 years.
Mobile No : 9422038654.
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Dr. Abhaykumar Jagannath Patil.
Associate Professor in History
Qualification :M.A, Ph.D, (History of Karad)
Experience : UG: UG: 31 years, PG:20 Years
Mobile No : 7588381170
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Mr. Sandip Maroti Mahajan
Assistant Professor in History
Qualification: M.A., M.Phil. NET, SET.
Specialization: Modern Indian History.
Experience :UG: 11 years, PG: 05 years.
Mobile No : 8605680901
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Smt. Lad Shubhangi Mahadev.
Designation: Associate Professor in History
Qualification: M.A,SET,B.Ed.
Specialization: Modern Indian History
Experience : U.G. 5 Years, P.G. 5 Years
Mobile No : 9561239120
Email ID :

Mr. Gauddab Lakhan Abhiman
Designation : Assistant Professor in History
Qualification : M. A., M. Phil, NET-SET
Specialization : Urban History
Experience : UG : 9 years PG : 9 years
Mobile No. : 7020788648
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- Visiting Faculty for M. A. Classes -

Sr. No Name Of The Teacher Qualification Experience in Year Specialization
1 Dr. Mrs. N. R. Rankhambe (Retd.) M. A, M. Phil. Ph.D. 35 Modern History
2 Mr. A. G. Thorat (Retd.) M.A., M. Phil. 32 Modern History
3 Dr. V. K. Sonawane M.A., Ph.D. NET 16 Modern History
4 Mr. S. T. Salunkhe M. A., M. Phil. 33 Modern History


B.A. History Program Specific Outcome

Sr. No. After studying the course the student will be able to
1 The students should understand the Background of rise of the Maratha Power
2 To understand all Welfare policies of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
3 Understand the beginnings and growth of nationalist consciousness in Maharashtra.
4 Acquaint himself with the contribution of eminent leaders of Maharashtra
5 Know the colonial policy adopted by the company to consolidate its rule in India
6 Understand the events which lead to the growth of nationalism in India
7 Understand the salient features of prominent socio-religious reform movements
8 Acquire knowledge regarding the primitive life and cultural status of the people of ancient India.
9 Explain the contributions of medieval rulers like Allaudin Khilji, Muhammad-bin- Tuqhlaq, Krishnadevraya, and Mahmud Gavan.
10 To understand salient features of the World revolutions.
11 Describe the political conditions of the Marathas up to the year1740
12 To understand the methods of writing history.

M.A. HISTORY- Program Specific Outcome:-

Sr. No. After studying the course the student will be able to
1 The student will understand the origin of civilizations & various developments in ancient India.
2 The students will be able to understand the changes which took place in Medieval Indian Society.
3 The Student will Understand Polity of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
4 The students will be able to understand the socio-economic & cultural changes
5 It is helpful for Understanding of social structure during Maratha Period.
6 Understanding of Indian Freedom Movement in depth.
7 To understand the silent features of historical monuments in Deccan.
8 Explain the changes with took place in history writing in ancient and medieval era.
9 Understand the concept and importance of nationalism in world history.
10 Application of forts in tourism
11 Understand the concept of Indian Economic History.
12 To understand recent trends in History writing.
13 To understand need of conservation and preservation of our Historical heritage.

Certificate Course/Short Term Course In collaboration with Karmaveer Vidya Prabodhini

Sr. No. Name of Course Paper Name Intake capacity
1 Certificate Course Certificate Course in Tourism & Travel Management 50
2 Diploma Course Diploma Course in Tourism & Travel Management 50


  1. B.A. Part I- HISTORY
  2. B.A. Part II- HISTORY
  3. B.A. Part III- HISTORY
  4. B.A. I- STD
  5. M.A. I - HISTORY
  7. Certificate Course in Tourism & Travel Management

Academic Calendar- 2020-21

Sr.No Month Dates Activity
1. June 15th- 30th Reopening of the College Principal’s Address Heads of Dept. Meeting, Departmental meeting, Preparation of proposed plan for the academic year 2020- 2021.Admission process. Rajarshi Chh. Shahu Maharaj Jayanti.
2. July 01st- 15th Autonomous College Exam Board Meeting.1st July- Celebration of Plantation Day. Allotment of work to teaching staff, semester planning of teaching by faculty, preparation of time table. Screening for identification of slow and advanced learners.
16th- 31st “Rajmudra” Wallpaper Publication
3. August 01st- 15th 15th August “Independence Day Celebration”, 1st IQAC Meeting, Home assignment/Unit Tests, Organization of Guest Lectures, Allotment of parent teachers-students scheme. Lead College Activity.
16th- 31st Notification to all departments for MoUs and Extension activities
4. September 01st- 15th 5th September celebration of Teachers Day, Oral Exam: CCE.
16th- 30th Field visits, Home Assignments/Unit tests for students, Celebration of Karmveer Jayanti (22nd- 27th September).
5. October 01st- 15th Mahatma Gandhi Birth Anniversary. Staff meeting for syllabus completion. Internal tests of students. Student Activity Dept. Level Paper Presentation, Poster presentation.
16th- 30th Preparation of University Exams, UG/PG semester Theory exam (Autonomous), Paper setting. Semester End Examinations.
6. November 01st- 12th Diwali Vacation
B.A. III – Seminar: History Dept. M.A- Oral, Home Assignment.
7. December 01st- 15th Re-opening of college, Departmental Meeting. Dept. of History Planning of teaching by faculty,
Short term certificate course,
16th- 31st Organization of National Conference, conduction of third internal test
8. January 01st- 15th Lead college Activity, Dept. of History, Local study tour for students, Guest lecture Activity ,
16th- 31st NET/SET Workshops for M.A. students.
9. February 01st- 15th Staff meeting for syllabus completion, Home Assignment/Internal Tests and seminars of the students.
16th- 28th Celebration of Chh. Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti, CCE-I-Sem. and II-Sem.
10. March 01st- 15th Re-exam, CCE III, Completion of syllabi and academic work, Conduction of Examination, Feedback forms from B.A-III/MA-II. students
16th- 31st Department Meeting, Dept. of History.
11. April 01st- 15th Conduction of theory and practical examination for UG and PG students, term end departmental staff meeting
16th- 30th Paper assessment
12. May 1st-15th Display of results of (Autonomous)
16th-31st End of Second Term

Minor Research Project funded by UGC Rs 42,000 completed in department.

- Dr. Mrs. N. R. Rankhambe -

Indian Women Through the Age
Policy and Economy Under the Maratha
Modern World

- Conference organized -

Freedom Fighters and Prati Sarkar in Indian Freedom Struggle
State level Conference on Yahswantrao Chavan Birth Centenery
Yashwantrao Chavan Thought and legacy
Workshop on revised syllabus M.A part II

Total Publications : 43

International : 13
National : 23
State Level : 7

Log Writer
SIM Writing by Faculty
Books Published by Dr. Pawar V.P.
  1. History of Social Reforms in India
  2. History of Social Reforms in Maharashtra
  3. Age of Revolution
  4. Political History of the Maratha
  5. History and Its Theory
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