SGM College, Karad

- Department of English -

Year of Establishment Programmes
1954 B.A (3 Year Integrated Degree Course, Semester Pattern)
M.A (2 Year Post Graduation Course CBCS Pattern)
Course in Translation and Communication Proficiency in English (3 Months)
Course in Speak Well English (3 Months)
Bridge Programme sponsored by BOSCH

- Faculty Profile -

Sr.No. Photo Details Resume

Mrs. Vidya Vyankatrao Patil
Assistant Professor
Qualification:  M.A. B.Ed. in English
Experience :  UG & PG: 27 years
Mobile No :  8999092901
Email ID :

Mr. Suhas Jagannath Godse
Assistant Professor
Qualification:  M.A. in English
Experience :  UG & PG: 26 years
Mobile No :  9890366447
Email ID :

Dr. Girish Basavraj Kalyanshetti
Associate Professor
Qualification:  M.A., SET, Ph. D. in English
Experience :  UG & PG: 26 years
Mobile No :  9763140633
Email ID :

Dr. Sunil Eknath Jadhav
Assistant Professor
Qualification:  M.A. M. Phil. Ph.D. in English
Experience : UG & PG: 22 years
Mobile No :  9850047578
Email ID :

Dr. Surekha Sandeep Patil
Qualification:M.A., B.Ed., SET, NET, Ph. D.
Designation: Assistant Professor in English
Experience: U.G. - 15 Years P.G. - 5 Years
Contact: 9921892587/ 9403348292

Miss. Poonam Yashwant Badekar
Qualification: M.A. (English), SET
Designation: Assistant Professor in English
Experience: - U.G.-Nil P.G.-Nil
Contact: 8788764750, 8805809056

Ms Snehal Sambhaji Warekar
Qualification: Master of Arts (English) SET NET, Master in Journalism and Mass Communication SET NET
Designation: Assistant Professor in English
Experience: U.G. - 2Years
Contact: 8888135359

Mr. Abhijeet N Pawar
Assistant Professor
Qualification:  M.A., SET
Experience :  UG 8 years
Mobile No :  8408807339
Email ID :

Dr.Chaitali Jaywant Babar
Qualification-M.A, B.ed, English
Designation- Assistant professor in English
Experience- U.G- 1Year 3 Month P.G.-Nil
Contact - 9309916636

Visiting faculty

Name Of The Teacher Qualification
Dr. A. T. Jadhav M. A. Ph.D.
V. B. Kulkarni M. A. M. Phil.

Certificate Course/Short Term Course/Training Programme

Sr. No. Class Duration Course Name
1 UG Three Months Speak well English
2 College Dropouts Three Months BOSCH Bridge Programme
3 UG Final Year 70 Days TCS Campus to Corporate (Pre-placement training)

UG/PG Courses:

Sr. No. Name of Course Specilization Intake capacity
1 B.A. English 120
2 M.A. English 50


B.A. (ENGLISH) Programme Outcomes

Sr. No. After studying the course the student will be able to
1 Basic knowledge of English as Language.
2 Major knowledge of English as Literature
3 Basic knowledge of English Grammar.
4 Critical study of English Literary studies. e. Relation between pleasure of literature and real life.

M.A. English- Program Specific Outcome:-

Sr. No. After studying the course the student will be able to
1 Identify various trends in drama
2 Explain development of drama
3 Interpret drama with its literary, social and political background
4 Recognize the potential of enactment of dramas


  1. B.A. I
  2. B.A. II
  3. B.A. III
  4. M.A. I
  5. M.A. II
  6. B.Com I
  7. B.Com II
  8. B.Sc. I & III

Academic Calendar- 2020-21

Sr.No Month Dates Activity
1. June 15th- 30th Opening of the college; Departmental meeting, Preparation of proposed plan for the academic year 2020 - 2021. Admission process.
2. July 01st- 15th 1st July- Allotment of work to teaching, semester planning of teaching by faculty, preparation of time table for theory..
16th- 31st Commencement of Video Lectures Capturing.
Guest Lecture on Language Interaction.
3. August 01st- 15th 15th August “Independence Day Celebration”, Home assignment/Unit Tests, Organization of Guest Lectures.
16th- 31st Organization and participation of webinars on various subjects.
4. September 01st- 15th Commencement of Online teaching, 5th September celebration of Teachers Day, Conduction of Dual/Short Term Course- Planning and Activation. BOS Sub-committee Meeting.
16th- 30th Planning for Lead College Activities, Field visits, Home Assignments/Unit tests for students, Celebration of Birth Anniversary of Dr. Karmveer Bhaurao Patil, the founder of the institution (22nd- 27th September). BOS Committee Meeting.
5. October 01st- 15th Staff meeting for syllabus completion. Internal tests of UG and PG students.
16th- 30th Preparation of University Exams, UG semester Theory exam (Autonomous), Paper setting.
6. November 01st- 12th Completion of internal evaluation of UG and PG.
13th November to 30th November Diwali vacation.
7. December 01st- 15th Re-opening of college, Theory Exams and assessment for UG and PG, planning of teaching for II and IV semester.
16th- 31st Short term certificate course,
8. January 01st- 15th Guest lecture activity.
16th- 31st Republic Day Celebration.
9. February 01st- 15th Staff meeting for syllabus completion, Home Assignment/Internal Tests and seminars of the students.
16th- 28th Workshop on “Language Enhancement Skills.”
10. March 01st- 15th Re-exam, CCE III, Completion of syllabus and academic work, University Examination for UG and PG students.
16th- 31st Submission of Internal Examination documents from UG and PG students.
11. April 01st- 15th Commencement of examination of Ist and IIIrd semester. Commencement of online teaching for IInd and IVth semester.
16th- 30th Online teaching for IInd and IVth semester.
12. May 1st-15th Online teaching for IInd and IVth semester.
16th-31st Online teaching for IInd and IVth semester. Internal evaluation of repeater students.
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