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To develop students through value based quality education with commitment to their ethical and multidimensional development which will contribute towards their educational, social and economical wellbeing


To inculcate goals and values stated in the constitution of India among the students for upholding values such as democracy, equality, social justice and inclusiveness required for just and human society through sociological knowledge


  • To study the discipline of Sociology and Sociological perspectives.
  • To create awareness of social research among the students.
  • To fulfill social needs of community through sociological knowledge.
  • To create social awareness among students about social problems like Gender Issues, terrorism, child labor, dowry and female feticide.
  • To enable students to apply their knowledge for career as well as fulfil social responsibilities.

Information of Department

Department History
Year of Establishment Programmes
UG : 1972 B.A (3 Year Integrated Degree Course, Semester Pattern)
PG : 1984 M.A (2 Year Post Graduation Course CBCS Pattern)
Faculty Profile

Dr. Gavade Sambhaji Managyani
HOD & Assistant Professor

  • Qualification:  M. A. (Ph.D.)
  • Experience :    U.G. 29 years P.G. 3 Years


Dr.Thorat Trupti Shivajirao
Assistant Professor

  • Qualification:  M. A., SET, Ph. D
  • Experience :    UG: 11 Years


Visiting Faculty
Sr.No Photo Details
1 VD
Mrs.Ghatage Manisha Ashok

Associate Professor

  • Qualification:  M.A.
  • Experience :    UG: UG:3 PG:1
  • Mobile No :    8605020952
  • Email Id :


2 VD
Mr. Jadhav Pravin Ganpat

Associate Professor

  • Qualification:  M.A., B.ed
  • Experience :    UG : 22 Years
  • Mobile No :    8999201766
  • Email Id :    [email protected]


3 VD
Mr. Kakade Suraj Ramesh

Associate Professor

  • Qualification:  M. A., SET
  • Experience :    UG : 07 Years
  • Mobile No :    7219140919
  • Email Id :    [email protected]


4 VD
  • Qualification:  M.A., M.phil., Ph.D., M.S.W.
  • Experience :    UG:22 PG:2
  • Mobile No :    9850399900
  • Email Id :    [email protected]


Courses Offered

B.A. Sociology

Sr. No. After studying the course the student will be able to
1 Understanding of the Origin Nature and Outline of Development of Sociology
2 Awareness about the Sociological Terms like Social Interaction and Social Structure
3 Awareness about the Concept of Mass Media and its Characteristics, Types and its Impact on Society.
4 Awareness about the Career Opportunities in Sociology.
5 Understanding social Issues Its Classification and need of study.
6 Awareness about Issues related Elderly and awareness about Female Foeticide
7 Understanding of meaning characteristics elements of social movement
8 Understanding meaning, Nature and major Gender Issues
9 Understanding nature subject matter and importance of sociology of health
10 Awareness about major diseases in India.
11 Understanding Health Policy in India.

M.A. Sociology

Sr. No. After studying the course the student will be able to
1 To understand the nature and basic concepts of sociology and its various branches
2 To analyse the interrelationships between sociology and other social science
3 To evaluate changing social relationships and social institutions in the context of Indian society.
4 To understand the of individuals social behaviour, various organizational social behaviour in different social settings.
Certificate Courses
Sr. No. Class Duration Course Name
1 B.A.III 3 Months Social Welfare and Social Legislation
Academic Calendar- 2020-21
Sr.No Month Week Academic Programme Planned
1 June 3rd Week Preparation of academic calendar Planning for VSE, IKS & SEC Course
4th Week BOS Meeting for  Revised syllabus of UG, PG & NEP Structure
2 July 1st Week Dept. Meeting Preparation of Time Table Preparation of Unit Plan 
2nd Week Academic planning, Distribution of workload Conducting World Population Day Programme Introduction with new students. B.A-I & M.A.-I
3rd Week  Commencement of regular lectures Commencement of VSE -1 lectures for B.A.-I Commencement of IKS lectures for B.A.-I  
4th Week Result Analysis 2022-23
3 Aug. 1st Week CIE –Home Assignments -1
2nd Week Activities for Slow & Advance learner  Tribal Day
3rd Week Guest Lecture
4th Week Wallpaper Inauguration, Visit to Library
4 Sept. 1st Week Teacher Day,
2nd Week Unit Test-1
3rd Week Dual Programme Inauguration,
4th Week  Birth Anniversary of Dr. Karmavaeer Bhaurao Patil   MOU Program
5 Oct. 1st Week Visit to old age Home
2nd Week Internal evaluation exam U.G & P.G
3rd Week Planning for RP M.A-II
4th Week Planning of OJT for M.A- I
6 Nov. 1st Week Activities for Slow & Advance
2nd Week Revision
7 Dec. 1st Week  AIDS Awareness Programme, Dept. Meeting for Academic planning, Distribution of workload,
2nd Week Commencement of VSE -2  lectures
3rd Week Birth Anniversary of Dr. G.S. Ghurye
4th Week Commencement of CEP
8 Jan. 1st Week Unit Test, Lead College Programme,
2nd Week  industrial visit/ Field Visit
3rd Week Traditional Day  Birth Anniversary of August Comte
4th Week NET/SET Guidance workshop. Planning for RP M.A-II
9 Feb. 1st Week Planning of CEP for B.A-I
2nd Week Parents Meet,
3rd Week Gender Equality Awareness Program
4th Week  Birth Anniversary of Gadage Maharaj Guest Lecture
10 Mar. 1st Week BOS Cub Committee Meeting
2nd Week Celebrating International Women Day
3rd Week Alumni  Meet Internal Evaluation
4th Week Career Guidance workshop for B.A. III and M.A. II students
11 April 1st Week Research Project Report Writing
2nd Week Birth Anniversary of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar & Mahatma Phule
3rd Week Term End Department Meeting
Research Projects

Papers published in Peer Reviewed Journals

Sr. No Name of Faculty Title of Research Paper Journal
1 Dr. S. M. Gavade Aadivasi Samajatil Vivahpadhati : Eak Abhyas Multidisciplinary Indexed ISSN 2278-3199
2 Dr. S. M. Gavade Nagrikarnachya Prakriyecha Bhartiya Samajavaril Prabhav Samajshastra Sanshodhan Patrika ISSN 2230-7745
3 Dr. Trupti Shivajirao Thorat Strisakshamikarnachi Prakriya Krantisanmukh Banvinara Unnatidut :Dr. Banasaheb Ambedkar   Sanshodhak   U.G.C. Care Listed Journal. Etihasachary V.K. Rajvade Sanshodhan Mandal, Dhule ISSN2394-599  
4 Dr. Trupti Shivajirao Thorat Pra. Dr. N.D.Patil- Samajikchalvalinchaadharsthambh Contribution of Prof. Dr. N.D.Patil in the formation of Progressive Maharashtra ISBN :- 978-81-954215-3-4 -10th March 2022

Recognition / Awards / Fellowships / Memberships

Sr. No Name of Faculty Award Awarding Authority Year
1 Dr. Trupti Shivajirao Thorat National Award for Research Excellence   Global Research Foundation, Delhi & Trunojoyo University, Indonesia, IDEI Indonesian Doctors of Economics   2022

Seminars / Conferences / Workshops / Seminars Organized by Department

Sr.No Name of activity Activity Mode Date Beneficiary number Details
1 Net-Set Guidance Workshop Workshop Offline 13-2-2023 to 20-2-2023 25 Name of the Lecturers
Dr. S.M. Gavade
Dr. Amol Gavade
Dr. R.V. Sambhare
Prof. Akhilesh Shinde
Prof. S.R.. Kakade
Prof. S.D. More
2 One Day Workshop on Methods and Techniques of Social Research Lead College Workshop Offline 9-2-23 90 Students and 4 Faculty Members Dr. Archana Jagatkar (Kolhapur ) Dr. Usha Patil  (Kolhapur)  

Extension Activities (MOU)

Sr. No Activity Description Report
1 MOU Karad Municipal Council, Taluka Karad 8-12-2022 to 21-12 2022 During this period 14 P.G. Students were complete their internship visit

Extension Activities (Study Tour)

Sr. No Activity Description Report
1 One Day Study U.G. and P.G students Participant - 25 Date -24-3-2023   Kaneri Math, Shivaji University, Kolhapur, Helpers of the Handicapped institute (N.G.O )

Extension activities

Sr. No Activity Description Report
1  Wallpaper Presentation P.G students Date -23-2-2023  Observing Birth Anniversary of Rashtrasant Sadguru Gadage Mharaj

Facilities Available

Sr.No Name of the facility Model Year of purchase
1 Computer, Internet , Wi-Fi Dell -
Department Contact Details
# Name of the facility # Number
- 9921055694
Dept. Mail Id - [email protected]
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