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Year of Establishment Programmes
1972 B.A (3 Year Integrated Degree Course, Semester Pattern)
M.A (2 Year Post Graduation Course CBCS Pattern)

- Faculty Profile -

Sr.No. Photo Details Resume

Mr. Babasaheb Rahiman Nadaf
Associate Professor & Head in Sociology
Qualification:  M.A. in Sociology
Experience : UG: 30 Years
Mobile No : 9921516884
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Dr. Raj Punnu Chavan
Assistant Professor in Sociology
Qualification:  M. A., M. Phil., SET, NET, Ph.D.
Experience : UG: 05 Years PG: 03 Years
Mobile No : 9657840947
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Visiting Faculty

Sr.No Name Of The Teacher Qualification Experience in Year Specialization
1 Prof. Patil V.B. M.A., M.Phil. 27 Classical Sociological Traditions
2 Prof. Mohite S.L. M.A., M.Phil. 29 Sociology and Social Work
3 Prof. Salunkhe P.S. M.A., M.Phil. 27 Major Schools of sociological Thoughts
4 Prof. Panaskar V.G. M.A., L.L.B. 28 Education & Society
5 Dr. Padalkar D.M. M.A., Ph.D 22 Industry & Society
6 Prof. Patil B.G. M.A. 29 Globalization & Society
7 Dr. Gavade S. M. M.A. Ph. D 22 Indian Society
8 Prof. Nisargghandh P.R. M.A., M.Phil., SET 13 Methodology of Social Research


B.A. Sociology Program Specific Outcome

Sr. No. After studying the course the student will be able to
1 Understanding of the Origin Nature and Outline of Development of Sociology
2 Awareness about the Sociological Terms like Social Interaction and Social Structure
3 Awareness about the Concept of Mass Media and its Characteristics, Types and its Impact on Society.
4 Awareness about the Career Opportunities in Sociology.
5 Understanding social Issues Its Classification and need of study.
6 Awareness about Issues related Elderly and awareness about Female Foeticide
7 Understanding of meaning characteristics elements of social movement
8 Understanding meaning, Nature and major Gender Issues
9 Understanding nature subject matter and importance of sociology of health
10 Awareness about major diseases in India.
11 Understanding Health Policy in India.

M.A. Sociology Program Specific Outcome

Sr. No. After studying the course the student will be able to
1 To understand the nature and basic concepts of sociology and its various branches
2 To analyse the interrelationships between sociology and other social science
3 To evaluate changing social relationships and social institutions in the context of Indian society.
4 To understand the of individuals social behaviour, various organizational social behaviour in different social settings.


  1. B.A. I
  2. B.A. II
  3. B.A. III
  4. M.A.I
  5. M.A.-II

Academic Calendar- 2020-21

Sr.No Month Administrative Programme Planned Academic Programme Planned
1. June -20 Administrative Programme Planned Introduction with new students
2. July - 20 Admission of B.A. III, M.A. I, M.A. II, Registration forms. Dept. Meeting Academic planning, Distribution of workload, Revised syllabus workshop (B.A. II & M.A.II), World Population Day Programme, Syllabus Teaching.
3. Aug - 20 Attendance record, Exam forms. Guest Lecture, Tribal Day, Wallpaper Inauguration, Syllabus Teaching.
4. Sept - 20 Attendance record. Unit Test, Teacher Day, Dual Programme Inauguration, Syllabus Teaching.
5. Oct - 20 Supervision of University exam. Internal evaluation exam B.A. III, M.A. I, M.A. II, Syllabus Teaching.
6. Nov - 20 Supervision of University exam, Assessment of University exam. Dept. Meeting Academic planning, Distribution of workload, Syllabus Teaching.
7. Dec - 20 Attendance record. Syllabus Teaching, AIDS Awareness Programme, NET/SET Guidance workshop.
8. Jan - 21 Exam forms, Academic and financial submissions. Unit Test, Lead College Programme, Industrial visit, Syllabus Teaching.
9. Feb - 21 Up gradation of Departmental records and documents. Internal evaluation exam B.A. III, M.A. I, M.A. II, Parents Meet, Syllabus Teaching.
10. Mar - 20 Supervision University exam. Career Guidance workshop for B.A. III and M.A. II students.

Departmental Publication - Souvenir Titled

Women In India : Issues, Problems and Prospects

Faculty Publication

Prof. Mohite S. L
Text Book: "Sociological Thinkers "
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