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Year of Establishment Programmes
2014 B.Com - IT
3 Years Degree Course,

- Faculty Profile -

Sr.No. Photo Details Resume

Mr. Mali Dinesh Shrikant.
Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Com ,G.D.C & A,DTL
Specialization: Accountancy
Experience : UG: 04 years PG:3 years
Mobile No : 8208214972
Email ID :[email protected]

Miss.Sarika Subhash Jadhav
Qualification: M.Sc computer science
Designation: Assistant Professor in BCom IT
Experience: U.G. - 10Years
Email: [email protected]
Contact: 9503495269

Mrs. Sankpal Sandhya Vijay.
Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.B.A. M.Phil., PHD (Reg).
Specialization: HRM
Experience : UG: 07 years; PG: 09 years
Mobile No : 9970558150
Email ID :[email protected]

Miss.Varekar A.N.
Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.C.S
Specialization: Computer
Experience : UG: 07 years; PG: 03 years
Mobile No : 9421699063
Email ID :[email protected]

Miss.Komal Ramesh Jadhav
Qualification : IT
Designation : Assistant Professor in IT
Specialization: Computer
Experience : UG: -6 Months PG:-00
Contact Number : 8600278782
Email : [email protected]

Miss. Prajakta Bhagawat More
Qualification : IT
Designation : Assistant Professor in IT
Specialization: Computer
Experience : UG:- 6 Months PG:-00
Contact Number : 9146870560
Email : [email protected]

Miss.Gaikwad N.A
Assistant Professor
Qualification: MBA
Specialization: HR & Finance
Experience : 6 Months
Mobile No :8888617183
Email ID :[email protected]

Miss:Mayuri Ramesh Veer
Qualification: M.Com GDC & A Ph.D( Appear)
Designation: Assistant Professor in Bcom IT
Experience: MCVC 1 Year, UG- 1 Year
Email: [email protected]
Contact: 9561286040

Miss Mayuri Sunil Mane
Qualification: M.Sc.
Designation: Assistant Professor in Mathematics(B.Com-.I.T.)
Experience: U. G-0, P. G -0
Email: mayurimane [email protected]
Contact: 8956169616


B.Com I.T. Program Specific Outcome

Sr. No. After completing three years for Bachelors in Commerce with IT (B.Com IT) program:
1 The ability to understand, analyse and develop software programs in the areas related to system software, multimedia, web design, application program, database , graphics and networking for efficient design of technology of varying complexity.
2 On successful completion of this course, the students should have understood Principles & functions of Management, Process of decision making and Modern trends in management process.
3 To enable the students to be aware on the Corporate Accounting in conformity with the provision of the Companies Act.
4 On successful completion of this course, the student should be well versed in the concepts, tools and principles in the field of Economics and Business Management.
5 On Successful Completion of this course the students should have: - E-Commerce, E-Market, EDI, Business Strategies etc.
6 On Successful Completion of this subject, the students should have understood the functions of Human Resource /Personnel Department, Manpower planning, performance appraisal, Salary administration, Labour Welfare, Industrial Relations etc.
7 Learners will be able to prove proficiency with the ability to engage in competitive exams like CA, CS, ICWA, MBA, MCA and other courses.

M.Com I.T. Program Specific Outcome

Sr. No. After completing two years for Master in Commerce with IT (M.Com IT) program:
1 Students should have Computational Knowledge: Apply knowledge of computing fundamentals and domain knowledge
2 Students will able to Problem Analysis: Identify, formulate and solve complex computing problems reaching substantiated conclusions
3 Students will able to Development of Solutions: Design and evaluate solutions for complex computing problems with appropriate consideration.
4 Students will able to Investigations of complex Computing problems: Use research-based knowledge and research methods for analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions
5 Modern Tool Usage: Create, identify and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern computing tools to complex computing activities.
6 Students will able to Professional Ethics: Understand and commit to professional ethics and cyber regulations for professional computing practices
7 Students will able to Life-long Learning: Identify the need and have the ability, to engage in independent learning as a computing professional.
8 Project management and finance: Understand and apply computing, management principles to manage multidisciplinary projects
9 Students will able to Communication Efficacy: Communicate effectively with the computing community, and with society.
10 Students will able to Individual and Team Work: Function effectively in diverse teams and in multidisciplinary environments.
11 Students should have Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Identify a timely opportunity and using innovation to pursue that opportunity.
12 This course aims to develop an understanding of the conceptual framework of Management Accounting. After the successful completion of the course the student acquires the knowledge in the Management Accounting Techniques in business decision making & To keep the students conversant with the ever – enlarging frontiers of Cost Accounting knowledge
13 Learners will be able to recognize features and roles of businessmen, entrepreneur, managers, consultant, which will help learners to possess knowledge and other soft skills and to react aptly when confronted with critical decision making.


  1. B.Com I.T - I
  2. B.Com I.T - II
  3. B.Com I.T - III
  4. M.Com I.T. - I
  5. M.Com I.T - II

Academic Calendar- 2022-23

Month Date Day Activity Class




Admission Process


Independence Day


Monday Freshers B.Com I.T. I
26/08/2022 Fridays Conference B.Com I.T. III
    September 09-05-2022 Monday Teacher's Day B.Com I.T. I,II,III
15/09/2022 Thursday Test 1 B.Com I.T. I,II,III
16/09/2022 Friday
23/09/2022 Friday Guest Lecture B.Com I.T. I,II
29/09/2022 Thursday Workshop B.Com I.T. III
October 10-06-2022 Thursday Guest Lecture B.Com I.T. III
10-10-2022 Monday Guest Lecture B.Com I.T. II
17/10/2022 Monday

Test 2

18/10/2022 Tuesday
20/10/2022 Thursday Internal Submission B.Com I.T. I,II,III

Semester End Exam

December 16/12/2022 Friday Poster Presentation B.Com I.T. I,II,III
28/12/2022 Wednesday Guest Lecture B.Com I.T. I
January 01-05-2023 Thursday Lead College Activity B.Com I.T. III
18/01/2023 Wednesday Trade Fair B.Com I.T. I,II,III

Republic Day

30/01/2023 Monday Workshop B.Com I.T. II
February 02-10-2023 Friday Industrial Visit B.Com I.T. II
21/02/2023 Tuesday

Test 3

22/02/2023 Wednesday
27/02/2023 Monday Workshop (Project) B.Com I.T. III
March 03-08-2023 Wednesday Women's day B.Com I.T. I,II,III
16/03/2023 Thursday Lead College Activity B.Com I.T. III
29/03/2023 Wednesday Workshop B.Com I.T. I
April 04-05-2023 Wednesday

Test 4

04-06-2023 Thursday
24/04/2023 Monday Internal Submission B.Com I.T. I,II,III
25/04/2023 Tuesday Journal Submission B.Com I.T. I,II
28/04/2023 Friday Project Submission B.Com I.T. III

Semester End Exam

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