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To become a center of excellence in nurturing the quality Computer Science professionals embedded with software knowledge, aptitude for research and ethical values to cater to the needs of industry and society.


    The department of Computer Science is committed to:-
  • M1: Mould the students to become Software Professionals, Researchers and Entrepreneurs by providing advanced laboratories.
  • M2: Impart high quality professional training to get expertize in modern software tools and technologies to cater to the real time requirements of the Industry.
  • M3: Inculcate team work and lifelong learning among students with a sense of societal and ethical responsibilities.


  • The goals of the Computer Science Department is to prepare students for graduate training in some specialized area of computer science, to prepare students for jobs in industry, business or government, and to provide support courses for students in engineering, mathematics and other fields requiring computing skills.

Information of Department

Department History
Year of Establishment Programmes
UG: 2012
PG: 2019
B. Com. I.T.
M. Com. I.T.
Faculty Profile

Mr. Mali Dinesh Shrikant.
HOD & Assistant Professor

  • Qualification:  M.Com ,G.D.C & A,DTL
  • Experience :     UG: 04 years PG:3 years


Miss.Varekar Ashwini Narayan
Assistant Professor

  • Qualification:   M.C.S
  • Experience :    UG: 07 years; PG: 03 years


Miss.Jadhav Sarika Subhash
Assistant Professor

  • Qualification:  M.Sc computer science
  • Experience :    UG: 10 years


Miss.Jadhav Komal Ramesh
Assistant Professor

  • Qualification: IT
  • Experience :     UG: -6 Months PG:-00


Miss.More Prajakta Bhagawat
Assistant Professor

  • Qualification: IT
  • Experience :    UG:- 6 Months PG:-00


Miss. Gaikwad Nisha Anandrao
Assistant Professor

  • Qualification:   MBA
  • Experience :     6 Months


Mr. Mane Nikhil Arun
Assistant Professor

  • Qualification:  M.Com. I.T.
  • Experience :    -


Miss. Mulla Kausar Nabilal
Assistant Professor

  • Qualification:  MBA
  • Experience :    ---


Miss. Patil Shital Ramchandra
Assistant Professor

  • Qualification:  MCA
  • Experience :    UG: 0 years


Miss. Thorat Pooja Satish
Assistant Professor

  • Qualification:  MCA
  • Experience :    UG: 2


Miss. Bodare Dipali Ashok
Assistant Professor

  • Qualification:   BE Computer
  • Experience :    ---


B.Com I.T. Program Specific Outcome
Sr. No. After completing three years for Bachelors in Commerce with IT (B.Com IT) program:
1 PO1: Students would gain a through grounding in the fundamentals of Commerce and Information technology.
2 PO2: The commerce and IT focused curriculum offers a number of subjects and practical exposures which would equip the student to face the modern-day challenges in commerce and business
3 PO3: This program could provide well trained professionals for the technology and allied industries to meet the well trained manpower requirements.
4 PO4: Commerce with IT gives a deeper understanding of both Information Technology and Commerce, thereby enabling the budding graduates to pursue careers in either of the two fast-growing areas, viz. IT Industry, Commerce, and Financial sector.
5 PO4: The graduates will get hands on experience in various aspects of information technology viz. software updating, programme developers, software testing, BPO, web designer.
6 PO5.The program will help the graduates to take up responsibilities in production, testing, designing and marketing in the information technologies and contribute for the growth of industry.
7 PO6: To enable students to acquire the knowledge, skills and competence required for successful practice of management and leadership and to help them develop a holistic personality to lead fulfilling personal and professional lives.
Course Outcomes
Sr. No. After completing three years for Bachelors in Commerce with IT (B.Com IT) program:
1 CO 1: The all-inclusive outlook of the course offer a number of values based and job oriented courses ensures that students are trained into up-to-date. In advanced Excel course beyond the introductory level, affective development will also progress to the valuing and organization levels.
Program Specific Outcome (PSO)
Sr. No. After completing three years for Bachelors in Commerce with IT (B.Com IT) program:
1 PSO1:.The ability to understand, analyse and develop software programs in the areas related to system software, multimedia, web design, application program, database , graphics and networking for efficient design of technology of varying complexity.
2 PSO2: On successful completion of this course, the students should have understood Principles & functions of Management, Process of decision making and Modern trends in management process.
3 PSO3: To enable the students to be aware on the Corporate Accounting in conformity with the provision of the Companies Act.
4 PSO4: On successful completion of this course, the student should be well versed in the concepts, tools and principles in the field of Economics and Business Management.
5 PSO5: On Successful Completion of this course the students should have: - E-Commerce, E-Market, EDI, Business Strategies etc.,
6 PSO6: On Successful Completion of this subject, the students should have understood the functions of Human Resource /Personnel Department, Manpower planning, performance appraisal, Salary administration, Labour Welfare, Industrial Relations etc.
7 PSO7: Learners will be able to prove proficiency with the ability to engage in competitive exams like CA, CS, ICWA, MBA, MCA and other courses.
M.Com I.T. Program Specific Outcome
Sr. No. After completing two years for Master in Commerce with IT (M.Com IT) program:
1 Students should have Computational Knowledge: Apply knowledge of computing fundamentals and domain knowledge
2 Students will able to Problem Analysis: Identify, formulate and solve complex computing problems reaching substantiated conclusions
3 Students will able to Development of Solutions: Design and evaluate solutions for complex computing problems with appropriate consideration.
4 Students will able to Investigations of complex Computing problems: Use research-based knowledge and research methods for analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions
5 Modern Tool Usage: Create, identify and apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern computing tools to complex computing activities.
6 Students will able to Professional Ethics: Understand and commit to professional ethics and cyber regulations for professional computing practices
7 Students will able to Life-long Learning: Identify the need and have the ability, to engage in independent learning as a computing professional.
8 Project management and finance: Understand and apply computing, management principles to manage multidisciplinary projects
9 Students will able to Communication Efficacy: Communicate effectively with the computing community, and with society.
10 Students will able to Individual and Team Work: Function effectively in diverse teams and in multidisciplinary environments.
11 Students should have Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Identify a timely opportunity and using innovation to pursue that opportunity.
12 This course aims to develop an understanding of the conceptual framework of Management Accounting. After the successful completion of the course the student acquires the knowledge in the Management Accounting Techniques in business decision making & To keep the students conversant with the ever – enlarging frontiers of Cost Accounting knowledge
13 Learners will be able to recognize features and roles of businessmen, entrepreneur, managers, consultant, which will help learners to possess knowledge and other soft skills and to react aptly when confronted with critical decision making.

Certificate Course
Sr. No. Class Duration Course Name
1 B.Com. I.T. 1 Month Certificate Course in Life Insurance and General Insurance
Academic Calendar- 2023-24
Sr.No Month Dates Activity
1. June 15th- 30th Opening of the college; Departmental meeting, Preparation of proposed plan for the academic year 2023- 2024.Admission process.
2. July 01st- 15th Induction Program. 1st July- Celebration of Environment Day. Allotment of work to teaching and non-teaching staff, semester planning of teaching by faculty, preparation of time table for theory and practical’s. Screening test for identification of slow and advanced learners.
16th- 31st  Commencement of Practical’s ,Workshop on B.Com I.T. and M.Com I.T. syllabus (Autonomous)
3. August 01st- 15th 15th August “Independence Day Celebration”, Home assignment/Unit Tests, Allotment of parent teachers-students scheme.
16th- 31st Activity of Managerial games and Guest Lectures.
4. September 01st- 15th 5th September celebration of Teachers Day , Conduction of Dual/Short Term Course- Planning and Activation
16th- 30th  Home Assignments/Unit tests for students, Celebration of Karmveer Jayanti (22nd- 27th September).
5. October 01st- 15th 2nd Oct celebration of Gandhi Jayanti. Speech Compition. Staff meeting for syllabus completion. Internal tests of B.Com I.T.I, II, III and M.Com I.T. I, II students. Poster presentation Activity of the students for Department/Avishkar/Inspire.
16th- 30th Preparation of University Exams, UG and PG semester Theory exam/ practical exams (Autonomous), Display of Practical Exam Schedule, Paper setting.
6. November 01st- 12th Practical Exam of B.Com I.T I and II Fundamental of Information Technology and Ecommerce.
  12th November to 23th November Diwali vacation.
7. December 01st- 15th Re-opening of college, Theory Exams and assessment for B.Com I.T. I & II and M.Com I.T. I.II. Semester planning of teaching by faculty, changes in time table for theory and practical’s, commencement of practical’s for semester II
Short term certificate course.
16th- 31st Organization of Workshop on Communication Skill.
8. January 01st- 15th Conduction of third internal test ,Local study tour for students, Industrial visits, Guest lecture Activity ,
16th- 31st Paper presentation Activity, Poster presentation activity. Workshop on Project development Skill for B.Com.I.T III and I.T. II students.
9. February 01st- 15th Staff meeting for syllabus completion, Home Assignment/Internal Tests and seminars of the students. Lead college Activity.
16th- 28th Hands on training for B.Com I.T and M.Com I.T. students, Submission and Assessment of Internal Work.
10. March 01st- 15th Farewell function for B. Com I.T. III and M.Com I.T II students. Re-exam, Completion of syllabi and academic work, Conduction of University Practical Examination for B.Com I.T III students, Feedback forms from B.Com I.T. III students.
16th- 31st Display of Practical Exam schedule for B.Com I.T. I and B.Com I.T. II & M.Com I.T.I, II students, Conduction of University Practical Examination for B.Com I.T. III students.
11. April 01st- 15th Conduction of theory and practical examination for B.Com I.T. and M.Com I.T. students
16th- 30th Conduction of theory and practical examination for UG and PG students, term end departmental staff meeting
12. May 1st-15th Paper assessment.
16th-31st Display of results of B.Com I.T. I and II (Autonomous)
Departmental Research
Sr. No. Name of the Authors Title of the research paper Name of Journal/ Conference/ seminar Month & year of Publication Volume Issue No./ISSN NO/ISBN NO
1 Mr. .Khot Nana Uttambar The effect of Growing Population on the Environment Two days Seminar 22-1-2014 ISSN-2320-6446
2 Mr. .Khot Nana Uttambar The rising inflation and Adjustment strategy of poor Two days Seminar March 2015 -
3   Mr.. Khot Nana Uttambar Dugdh Sahakari  Sansthanca Bhartatil Vikas Two days national Seminar May 2019 ISBN-978-81-928632-5-2

Mr.. Khot Nana Uttambar

The role of Agro Industries in employment generation One day International Conference 14-9-2019 Vol.7 No.1
5 Mrs. Sankpal Sandhya Vijay. “Employee’s Engagement Challenges” Research Journal for Resurrection in Intellectual Disciplines Nov,2013to Jan , 2014)   ISSN 2278- 0319
6 Mrs. Sankpal Sandhya Vijay. “Indian Tourism Challenges & Opportunities Contemporary Research in India A Peer-Reviewed Multy- Disciplinary International Journal Oct. 2012 ISSN 2231- 2137
7 Mrs. Sankpal Sandhya Vijay. “ Role  of academicians in development of employability enhancement w.r.t. S.G.M. International Journal of Advance and Applied Research Sept. 2019 ISSN(0) 2347- 7075
8 Mrs . Jadhav Nikita Dhansing. Entrepreneurship and Employment One day International Conference 14-9-2019 Vol.7 No.1
9 .Mrs. Patil A.G. Role of Technology in Employment Genration : Impact Causes of unemployment And Recent Technology Sector One day International Conference 14-9-2019 Vol.7 No.1

Seminars/Conferences/Workshops/Seminars Organized by Department

Sr. No Name of activity Guest Name Mode Date Beneficiary number Details
1 “Introduction to Share Market”

Mr. Anupam More  

Offline 14.09.2022 -    
2   Webinar on “Research Methodology”

The Miss Minal Gala  

Online 22.11.2022 - -
3   Workshop on “Digital Entrepreneurship” Mr. Satish Shende Offline 06.02.2023 - -

“Data Visualization for Analytics- Course”  

Dr. Sanjay Kadam. Offline 21.01.2022 - -

Extension activities (MOU, Study Tour, Exhibition etc.)

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