SGM College Patan

Research Guides

Guide Name
1Dr. M. M. Rajmane Chemistry
2 Dr. U. B. More Chemistry
3 Dr. S. V. Mahamuni Chemistry
4 Dr. R. P. Pol Marathi
5 Dr. Mrs.R. R. Divekar Marathi
6 Dr. T. D. Patil History
7 Dr. A. J. Patil History
8 Dr. A. C. Shinde Psychology
9 Dr. M. J. Shivdas Hindi
10 Dr. D. A. Kasabe Hindi
11 Dr. R. B. Vhanbatte Education
12 Dr.S. R. Sawant English
13 Dr. G. B. Kalyanshetti English
14 Dr. A. U. Sutar Zoology
15 Dr. Mrs. V. S. Shewale Zoology
16 Dr. D. D. Namdas Botany
17 Dr. V. P. Patil Botany
18 Dr. Mrs. M. S. Patil Botany
19 Dr. V. K. Nikam Botany
20 Dr. S. G. Parte Zoology
21 Dr. B. P. Naik Marathi
22 Dr. S.H.Pisal Physics
Name  of full-time teachers with PhD / D.M. / M.Ch. / D.N.B Super Specialty /DSc / DLitt during the year Qualification (PhD / D.M. / M.Ch. / D.N.B Super Specialty /DSc / DLitt) and Year of obtaining Whether recognised as a research guide for PhD? Year of recognition as a Research Guide Is the teacher still serving the institution?/If not,when did he/she leave the institution? Name of the scholar Month and Year of registration of the scholar PhD Scholar's Title of the Thesis
Prof. Dr. A. U. Sutar Ph.D. 2003 Yes 2018 Yes Shri Babar TusharAmruti 1/31/2022 “Toxicological assessment of fipronil and chlorpyrifos on earthworm , Eiseniafedida’’
Smt. Yadav Pranali Bajirang 1/31/2022 “Effect of pesticides on digestive enzymes in earthworm, Eudriluseugeniae”
Smt. Tamboli Aalija Zakirhusen 1/31/2022 “Diversity and guana study of bats ( Mammalia: Chiroptera ) from District Satara, Maharashtra, India ”
Smt. Malavekar Dipali Anandrao 1/31/2022 “Assessment of seasonal variation in biochemical parameters in freshwater crab, Barytelphusacunicularis’’
Prof. Dr. A. K. Patil Ph.D. 2006 Yes 2010 Yes Mr. Anil Sutar 1/1/2022 Economics of TembhuMhaisal Irrigation Project
Mr. Badane M.B. 1/1/2022 Economics of Livestock Husbandary in Maan Tehsil of Satara District
Dr. M. S. Patil Ph.D. 2013 Yes 2019 Yes Smt.SutarArchana Bhaskar 4/12/2022 Synthesis , characterization and biological activities of silver nano partials of Sargassumcinereum and Sargassum wighth
Prof. Dr.R.P.Pol Ph.D. 2014 Yes 2018 Yes Priya Taware 2/23/2022 Parasaskiyadhikaryanchiatamcharitre
Patil Ashok Janardhan 10/6/2021 Marathi Sahityatil Gramvastavachechitran
Dr.V.S. Shewale Ph.D. 2009 Yes 2019 Yes Shingate Snehal Nandakumar 1/1/2021 Studies on diversity and distribution of land snails from Satara district (MS)
Prof. Dr.G.B.Kalyanshetti Ph.D. 2008 Yes 2017 Yes Arshiya Khatun Pathan 1/1/2022 Feminist consciousness in the selected novel  of AnaleebVajid
Miss Asha Laxman Mirukhe 1/17/2021 Pastiche in selected novels of Allan Moore