SGM College, Karad

- Department of Mathematics -

Year of Establishment Programmes
1967 B.Sc. (3 Year Integrated Degree Course, Semester Pattern)
M.Sc. (2 Year Post Graduation Course CBCS Pattern)

- Faculty Profile -

Sr.No. Photo Details Resume

Mr. Shivaji Anant Patil.
Associate Professor & Head in Mathematics
Qualification:  M.Sc., M.Phil
Experience :  UG: 31 Years PG:5 Years
Mobile No :  9970822478
Email ID :

Mr.Swapneel Dipchand Agarwal
Assistant Professor in Mathematics
Qualification:  M.Sc., B.Ed
Experience :  UG: 5 years PG: 5years
Mobile No : 9960363269
Email ID :

Mr.Parshuram Siddhappa Mane
Assistant Professor in Mathematics
Qualification: M.Sc., SET,NET, GATE
Experience : 5 years PG: 3years
Mobile No :  9405551601
Email ID :

Mr.Mahesh Raosaheb Jare
Assistant Professor in Mathematics
Qualification:  M.Sc., SET, NET
Experience : UG: 2 years PG: 2 months
Mobile No :  7387988950
Email ID :

Mrs. Vaishali Shahajirao Mane
Assistant Professor in Mathematics
Qualification:  M.Sc.
Experience :  UG: 3months PG: 3 months
Mobile No :  8412069446
Email ID :

Mr.Jeevankumar Sambhaji Salunkhe
Assistant Professor in Mathematics
Qualification:  M.Sc.
Experience :  UG: 3 months PG: 3 months
Mobile No :  7218156169
Email ID :

Miss .Sonali Shivaji Mohite
Qualification: M.Sc.
Designation: Assistant Professor in Mathematics
Experience: U.G. - 1Year P.G. -
Contact: 9764786612

Ubale Jyoti Tanaji.
Qualifications: Mathematics.
Designation : Assistant Professor in Mathematics.
Experience: 1.6 Years
Contact: 7715830162.

- Visiting Faculty -

Sr. No Name Of The Teacher Qualification Experience in Year Specialization
1 Dr. H. T. Dinde M. Sc. Ph. D. 27 Relativity
2 Dr. S. M. Pawar M. Sc. Ph. D. 25 Complex Analysis
3 Mr. H. V. Patil M. Sc. M. Phil 25 Lattice Theory
4 Mr. D. R. Hasbe M. Sc. M. Phil 29 Differential Equations


B.Sc. Mathematics Program Specific Outcome

Sr. No. After studying the course the student will be able to
1 Be able to explain the core ideas and the techniques of mathematics at the college level.
2 Be able to recognize the power of abstraction and generalization, and to carry out investigative mathematical work with independent judgment.
3 Be able to setup mathematical models of real-world problems and obtain solutions in structured and analytical approaches with independent judgement.
4 Be able to carry out objective analysis and prediction of quantitative information with independent judgment
5 Be able to communicate effectively about mathematics to both lay and expert audiences utilizing appropriate information and communication technology.
6 Be able to work independently, and to collaborate effectively in team work and team building.
7 Be able to conduct self-evaluation, and continuously enrich themselves through lifelong learning.
8 Be able to communicate to lay audiences and arouse their interest in the beauty and precision of mathematical arguments and science.
9 Be able to recognize the importance of compliance with the ethics of science and being a responsible citizen towards their community and a sustainable environment.
10 Be able to cultivate a mathematical attitude and nurture the interests.

M.Sc. Mathematics Program Specific Outcome

Sr. No. After studying the course the student will be able to
1 Provide a deeper knowledge of mathematical techniques and develop the ability to create their own research ideas
2 Develop the ability to handle Mathematical software to develop the research articles in the future.
3 Inculcate the capacity to transfer the mathematical knowledge for their industrial career.
4 Induce the interest to communicate Mathematics effectively and precisely using technology.

Certificate Course/Short Term Course In collaboration with Karmaveer Vidya Prabodhini

Sr. No. Class Duration Course Name
1 B.Sc. I One year Basic Computer Education
2 B.Sc. II Three Months C++ Programming
3 B.Sc. III Three to Six Months Python Programming

PG Courses: From Academic Year 2019

Sr. No. Name of Course Specialization Intake capacity
1 M.Sc. I Pure Mathematics 50
2 M.Sc. II Pure Mathematics 50


  1. B.Sc. - I
  2. B.Sc. - II
  3. B.Sc. - III
  4. M.Sc. - I
  5. M.Sc. - II


  1. B.Sc. - I
  2. B.Sc. - II
  3. B.Sc. - III

Academic Calendar- 2020-21

Sr.No Month Dates Activity
1. June 15th- 30th Opening of the college; Departmental meeting, Preparation of proposed plan for the academic year 2020- 2021.Admission process.
2. July 01st- 15th 15th July- Planning for organising guest lecture on “Career counselling in Mathematics”
16th- 31st 25th July- Planning to conduct Unit test-I
3. August 01st- 15th 15th August “Independence Day Celebration" and Poster presentation on particular mathematical subjects.
16th- 31st Planning to organise One day National Webinar on “Modern aspects of complex numbers”
4. September 01st- 15th 5th September celebration of Teachers Day , Conduction of Dual/Short Term Course- Planning and Activation
16th- 30th Planning for Lead College Activities, Unit test-II for students, Celebration of Karmveer Jayanti (22nd- 27th September).
5. October 01st- 15th Staff meeting for syllabus completion. Internal tests of B.Sc. and M.Sc. students. Poster presentation Activity of the students for Department/Avishkar/Inspire.
16th- 30th Preparation of University Exams, UG semester Theory exam/ practical exams (Autonomous), Display of Practical Exam Schedule, Paper setting.
6. November 01st- 12th Practical Exam of B. Sc I and II
13th November to 30th November Diwali vacation.
7. December 01st- 15th Re-opening of college, Departmental Meeting. Dept. of History Planning of teaching by faculty,
Short term certificate course,
16th- 31st Organization of National Conference, conduction of third internal test
8. January 01st- 15th Lead college Activity, Dept. of History, Local study tour for students, Guest lecture Activity ,
16th- 31st NET/SET Workshops for M.A. students.
9. February 01st- 15th Staff meeting for syllabus completion, Home Assignment/Internal Tests and seminars of the students.
16th- 28th Celebration of Chh. Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti, CCE-I-Sem. and II-Sem.
10. March 01st- 15th Re-exam, CCE III, Completion of syllabi and academic work, Conduction of Examination, Feedback forms from B.A-III/MA-II. students
16th- 31st Department Meeting, Dept. of History.
11. April 01st- 15th Conduction of theory and practical examination for UG and PG students, term end departmental staff meeting
16th- 30th Paper assessment
12. May 1st-15th Display of results of (Autonomous)
16th-31st End of Second Term

- Departmental Research -

- Dr. J. D. Yadav -
Completed Minor Research Project funded by UGC

- Prof. S. A. Patil -
Author : Text Book of Geometry

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